My Toys Collection (the toys I use everyday)

Updated: 25/01/2020

I am a blogger, I like to talk about my favorite sex toys, I like to get in deep and personal with what works for me, how I use it and just about everything else when it comes to sex toys.

Today I wanted to share with you my sex toy collection, the sex toys that I use on a daily basis and are always on the top of my collection for me to grab whenever I get the urge.

In this article, I want to be blunt, straight to the point and helpful. All of the sex toys I talk about give me or my partner intense orgasms, make me feel amazing, work, are great quality and have made it on to this list because they don’t mess around and I want everyone to try them.

If you’re looking to start your sex toy collection, expand on your collection or even just have a peak of what’s inside mine, this article is for you. If you want some more erotic stories like the ones on my blog that are too naughty to publish, crammed with filth, join us inside my members-only area.

Enjoy, Jess 😘

It’s no secret that I have a high drive and thankfully on an almost daily basis, I get to test out  toys and then talk about them for the world to see.

The  toys below are the  toys that stick out to me the most amongst the hundreds of toys I own and have used. I reach for these  toys most of the time and time and time again they prove themselves to me by making me experience powerful orgasms without a hitch whenever I want.

Anything you buy on this list is freaking amazing

On all these toys go into detail about how you use them, why they’re the best and give a short story and tell them to go here/there for the full story.

  My Dreams Are Made Of (best  toy ever)

woman holding massage wabd vibratorThis my , I talk about this toy  a lot on my blog. The vibrations are so powerful and every time I use it I find myself being able to  again and again without stopping. The head of the toy emits powerful vibrations across your entire body but your body  is what gets happy with this toy.

Read more about my experiences by reading my article I tried the best massage wand toys .

Not only do I love using it alone but I also love when my boyfriend uses this massage on me and drives me  by not letting me end, making me  again and again and teasing me with the vibrations.

It also doubles as an actual massager but I can never keep it off my  for long enough to test the massage side of it out.

 That Lives In My Purse

bullet vibrator

I am not kidding when I say that I take this with me everywhere. It’s small but it’s so powerful, easy to hide,  enough to put in any purse and feels amazing during and when I am using it alone.

I like to also slide inside of my underwear and leave the vibrations on, I once did this on a plane flight with my boyfriend and that was very interesting.

My boyfriend loves to hold the  during when we are in the right position. The powerful vibrations make me  every single time.

That Gives Me Multiple fun

rabbit vibrator

This 10 function  is there for me when I need something to really fill me up and give me intense blended fun

It has 3 speeds and 7 patterns that feel divine when they are inside of you. I like to use this  in the bath/shower as it’s waterproof and makes shower time a lot more interesting.

I love using this  it’s filling, makes me  via my and leaves me feeling incredible.

This Kit Turned Me Intro A little bdsm kit

Not only is this 6-piece kit incredible value for money, it also contains some of my favorite sex accessories.

It comes with ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, a ball gag, flogger,  strap and a blindfold. There’s enough in this  kit to keep you satisfied for hours and its a gentle push into the  world .

The wrist and ankle cuffs are strong and keep you secure whilst the flogger keeps me on the edge with its sharp spanks and tingles it provides.